Marine Flix

  • The concept is to provide targeted training on critical topics to help prevent accidents.
  • The videos can be seen on any device including mobile phones, tablets and the web.
  • The interface is easy to use and designed similar to the commercial entertainment providers.

Effectiveness of Micro-Learning

“Microlearning group showed around 18% better learning than traditional group. We can conclude that using microlearning techniques, the effectiveness, and efficiency of learning can be improved. Also, the knowledge can stay memorable for longer periods.”

“The Effectiveness of Microlearning to Improve Students’ Learning Ability”
Gona Sirwan Mohammed1 , Karzan Wakil2,3 , Sarkhell Sirwan Nawroly

Marine Games

Gamified Learning!

  • Most of our learning is done on the job. These games are based on real shipboard situations.
  • Our games focus on learning to prevent deficiencies in PSC, SIRE, Rightships and other inspections by training Seafarers, Vessel Managers, Internal Auditors as well as PSC and SIRE inspectors.
  • The goal is to make learning fun.
  • You can benchmark your own performance with others in your peer group.
  • The company can run competitions to award the best players.

Effectiveness of Games for learning

“The authors find that game-based learning makes training more engaging, immersive and contextual for the learners.”

“An empirical study on the impact of learning theory on gamification-based training programs.”
Praveen Kulkarni, Prayag Gokhale, Y.M. Satish, Basavaraj Tigadi
Organization Management Journal
ISSN: 2753-8567

MarineVR – Virtual Reality Learning Management System

  • Virtual  Reality technology  is evolving and is still in it’s early days but it has huge potentials. The immersive experience of VR provides an opportunity to transport the seafarer to the onboard environment.
  • We have adopted this technology to build various programs designed to be used in training academies and for familiarization with new environments such as specialized ships.
  • Contact us to discuss the amazing opportunities to use this technology.

Effectiveness of Virtual Reality Programs

“A 2019 study on the use of VR training for soft skills by professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) found that when compared to traditional training methods—self-paced online learning and classroom education—VR simulations helped employees become more confident in their ability to perform their jobs, taught them faster and created a stronger emotional bond to training content.”
The Growing Impact of Virtual Reality Training
By Dave Zielinski

Digital Record Books For Trainees

  • The IMO STCW Convention requires that a cadet’s seagoing service must be recorded in a training record book approved by the maritime administration responsible for issuing certificates of competence.
  • We have partnered with ICS to provide Digital Record Books eliminating the need for printed books.
  • We have a similar agreement with GlobalMET for record books published by them.
  • We have further provided learning content for each of the tasks that the trainee requires to learn and have it signed off by the shipboard training officer.
  • This content is based on the required underpinning knowledge and practical guidance that shipboard officers would like to give to the trainees but are often unable to do so due to the hectic schedules and their workload.
  • The content is available on a dedicated tablet for exclusive use for learning allowing the trainees to learn at their own pace.
  • The application allows the Company Training Officer and the Flag State to monitor the progress of the trainee on a continuous basis in real time.
  • We are the only training providers who have built this content. It is in use for many years in one of the largest shipmanagement companies.

On Board Training Record Book for Officers in Charge of an Engineering Watch (Engine Cadets)

On Board Training Record Book for Officers in Charge of a Navigational Watch (Deck Cadets)

On Board Training Record Book for Ratings Forming Part of a Navigational Watch and Ratings Qualifying As Able Seafarer Deck

On Board Training Record Book for Ratings Forming Part of an Engineering Watch and Ratings Qualifying as Able Seafarer Engine

Personal Training and Service Record Book

Training Record Book for Ships Cooks

On Board Training Record Book for Electro- Technical Officers (ETO Cadets)

GlobalMET Deck Cadet Structured Shipboard Training Programme

GlobalMET Training and Assessment Record Book For Assistant Engineer Officer

Marine Mentors

This is a mentoring platform that provides mentors and mentees to connect with each other via common discussion, chat groups. They can exchange messages, photos and files in a secure ecosystem.

It allows mentors to share their advice and ‘give back’ to the industry their vast knowledge and wisdom.

Competency Management System

This module covers the requirements of Intertanko and OCIMF Guidelines on Competency Assessment and Verification.


This module allows the company to carry out surveys of the workforce and get results in real time. It allows decision makers to feel the pulse of the opinion of the workforce and is a powerful tool to build consensus with the employees.

This assists in better participation and adoption of the decisions taken and hence contributes to the success of the implementation.


This module is for sending circulars and information directly to the seafarers rather than through emails via the Master. Advanced analytics allow tracking of delivery and opening of the circulars by the seafarers.