Our Maritime Learning Solutions

Micro Learning Platform
On Board Training Record Book for Officers in Charge of a Navigational Watch (Deck Cadets)
Gamified Learning Solution
ICS Engine Cadet Record and E-Learning
Virtual Reality Learning Management System
GlobalMET Deck Cadet Structured Shipboard Training Program
Structured Guidance to Seafarers
Competency Management System

Welcome to MarinePALS

Our Mission

“To prevent harm to people, environment, cargo or ship, through education and training of seafarers.”


We aim to do this through Micro-learning videos, Gaming apps for learning and Virtual Reality programs, Mentoring online.

Research suggests that these modern methods are more effective than the traditional learning methods.

We also provide CBT’s, Webinars and long form courses where required.

We specialize in making customized content as required by clients, especially in the field of re-creating incidents in order to learn from them.

We are the only training company that provides learning content for every task in the ICS and GlobalMET cadet record books.

The Digital Learning Management System is a comprehensive platform for managing the entire content in a way that allows the training department and the HSE departments to monitor the progress of every seafarer. Extensive analytics are available to encourage a learning mindset for the entire organization.

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